Adele Hodge

Adele Hodge
Executive Producer
Write Light Media and Creative Service Group

Adele Hodge gets things done. The native Chicagoan has solid experience in media communications and production. She entered commercial television via Wayne State University in Detroit after the student television crew chief recommended her to WXYZ-TV; an ABC-TV owned and operated the station at the time. The Mass Communications major eagerly took the job that introduced her to network television.

More than two years later, Adele moved to Detroit’s NBC affiliate and up to sales assistant where she continued good relations with media buying departments at national and local advertising agencies. Her work in sales and traffic gave her an all-important grounding in the business of television. “Even today,” she says, “I draw on the knowledge I garnered while working in such key areas. It honed my ability to pay attention to detail, and consider the buyer’s viewpoint.”

At both television stations she went out of her way to work with news writers, reporters, producers and editors. The extra effort morphed into her becoming part of the news staff as a writer-producer. Three years later the WMAQ-TV news director recognized her abilities, and hired her as a writer-producer in Chicago local news.

Knowledge and experience enabled management to use Adele in many facets of news—from writer-field producer to assignment editor, show producer, and substitute Chicago network bureau chief. She left WMAQ-TV to work independently full-time. Her independent work for NBC News includes general assignment producing for Nightly News, the Today Show and Dateline. She has also produced talk show and news magazine pilots for various production companies. “Easy may not be a word I would use when talking about career building, but I would freely use exciting, fun, challenging, and educational. These are words I hope most people can use when they talk about what they do.”